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AJ-Pittsburgh Jewelry Repair

We offer our services to both wholesale and retail customers and are experts in all types of jewelry repair. We currently do wholesale trade work for over 60 stores and have four master jewelers on our staff focusing on jewelry repair and diamond setting. All jewelry repair is done on-site. We also do wax carvings, castings & pearl restringing.


Please come and visit us at our new showroom on the 3rd floor of the Clark building at the end of the hall. We have an open window to our shop, where you can see our jewelers at work while you browse our jewelry show cases.


Our Vision

Our mission at American Jewelry is to excel at providing our wholesale clients with expert craftsmanship and superior service in a timely manner. Our goal is to provide your business with pride and confidence in our work.

It is also our mission to provide our retail customers with a quality of work that is second to none, by giving them access to the most talented, experienced and trusted jewelers in the industry. 

We were established in 1946 and have been a cornerstone in the jewelry repair industry in the heart of the cultural district in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

We have been located in the Clark Building since 1978, and focus on both wholesale and retail jewelry repair.

Our Vision
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